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Balloon ride over Tatra mountains

Balloon ride over Tatra mountains


Between December and March, we provide balloon rides over High Tatras, lasting 2-3 hours. During the group balloon ride, you are joining other passengers in the basket, minimal no. of passengers is six.

You don’t have to choose the date of the ride immediately, you can track the planned group terms in our Ride Planner and book a term that suits you later.

Right after placing the order, you will receive the generated gift voucher that can be printed and gift-wrapped, and the gift is ready. That is why we ask you to fill in the name.

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  • Let bol perfektný, teším sa, že som ho absolvovala prvý krát. Ďakujem.

  • Úžasné – všetko! :))

  • Bolo to úžasné, vidieť dediny okolo Košíc, ktoré som si zapamätal, hlavne aj jazerá. Proste to je fantázia a mám rád letenie cez celé Slovensko.