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Fiesta balloon ride – Tokaj

Fiesta balloon ride – Tokaj

180.00  125.00 

The whole adventure of balloon ride is multiplied by all the balloons in the sky and the entire atmosphere of the event. In case of unsuitable weather during the fiesta, passengers have the opportunity to join the regular group terms in the locality Košice after the event.

The price is for 1 person.

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  • Veľľľľľmi pekne ďakujeme za nezabudnuteľný zážitok let balónom. To je najkrajší tohtoročný zážitok. Boli sme úplne spokojní, nadšení, máte super profesionálny tím.

  • Let bol úžasný a zanechal vo mne nezabudnuteľné spomienky.

  • The flight was peaceful and fun. The team was nice and added to the experience.