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traditional part of cultural life in Košice – attracting the residents and tourists, promoting the East Slovakia region and Slovakia as well. 
Unique Slovak balloon festival made of love.

Technical University in Košice campus will serve as fiesta town again in 2019. Starting on Wednesday, 5.6., finishing on Saturday, 8.6., it will be a place of good fun, delicious food, fresh drinks and of course – the hot air balloons.

25th balloon fiesta košice

as our birthday present, we’ve created the fiesta town with everyday agenda at a new place – Technical University of Košice campus.


Fiesta town has brought picnic zone with activities not only for the younger ones, refreshments zone, summer open-air cinema and, of course, unique ballooning programe.

Many thanks to all the nice people who came to see us! We are doing it for you.
See you in 2019.

Download the #BFKE files

tlačová správa – balónová fiesta košice


balloon fiesta košice – fiesta town schedule


Huge thank you to all #BFKE18 partners