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Here’s what we can prepare for you

We aim to make our clients happy and always look for the ways to fulfil easy quests or complex challenges.

Our longstanding mission is to provide services related with hot air ballooning. There are no foolish requests, do not hesitate to contact us. :)

Promote your company through the hot air balloon

Hot air balloon offers many different options in the marketing communication of your products or services.

You can have the balloon done – in the visual of your brand; you can have the advertising banner on the envelope of our balloon; banner for the balloon basket. Branded balloon can be used for the balloon rides or for tethering ride – ideal for outdoor events with many spectators.

Use our inflatables or do have one made for you. Or let us prepare you special balloon ride packages that can be a gift to your employees or business partners.

Have your teambuilding in the sky

We plan and arrange the whole agenda to reward your employees with a day or weekend of adventurous teambuilding activities.

Use our hot air balloon at your photoshoot

Wedding, birthday, or family gatherings – all of it are events worth using our balloon (or even the photographer) to make your photoshoot special.

Buy your own hot air balloon

As the exclusive representative of the Czech world-known company Kubíček balloons, we guide you through the whole process of balloon purchase. Find more information here, or contact us.

Let us take care of your balloon

We offer service, maintenance and repair for the hot air balloons, as well as inspections and CAMO for these balloon types:Kubíček, Aerotechnik, Cameron, Ultramagic, Lindstrand a Schroeder Fire Balloons.

Order the products related to the air-traffic service

Pilot’s logbook
(Layout: 24 x 16 cm, cca 140 pages; blue leathcloth binding)

Price: 28.00 € (VAT included)

Medical certificates